The Descendents of William Lewis and ? of New Hanover County, NC

This William Lewis was born in what is present-day Town Creek, Brunswick County, NC circa 1732 - at that time, this was considered part of New Hanover County.

He apparently followed his older brother, Josiah Lewis, to Bladen County, NC because he shows up in many of the early land transactions of the 1750s and 1760s.

Furthermore, this William Lewis subsequently followed his other brother, Samuel Lewis, to Duplin County, NC, in the early 1760s, where he began his family. Where he ultimately ended up is still a mystery.

The following sons are "highly educated guesses" only. If anyone has better information, please contact me at the address shown below, or the e-mail address provided on the home page herein.


Date Born

Date Died

Date Married

Who Married
William Lewis




George Lewis




Nancy ?
James Lewis




Jordan Lewis



 1st - c. 1789
2nd - ?

Sarah ?
Isaac Lewis




*Most likely born in Duplin County, NC (what is now Sampson County). Possibly born in Bladen County, NC.
Sons William, James, and Jordan can be found in Bulloch County, GA during 1796, along with other cousins - all petitioning the State of Georgia to establish the new county in 1795. Evidence supports that they were brothers. Other evidence suggests both were sons of this William Lewis.

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