Lewis Coats-of-Arms

In July of 2012, Philip Hart Chapman of Queensland, Australia provided the attached PDF file regarding his findings on Lewis Coats-of-Arms. Click Here.

Per Mr. Chapman, the many possible components of a Coat-of-Arms are as follows:

The Lewis Coats-of-Arms are all without supporters. Some are without crests, some are without mottos.

He also sent three files showing the known Lewis Crests he derived, indirectly, from the publication "Fairbairn's Crests:" Lewis Crests #1. Lewis Crests #2. Lewis Crests #3.

Click Here to view the Scottish "Lewis Tartan" and the Scottish "Clan McCleod" Crest. Or, Click Here to view other Coats-of-Arms closely related to the Lewis surname - Available as of now, Llewellyn and Louis.

Click Here to view the Welsh "Lewis Tartan."

The following Lewis Coats-of-Arms have been sent to me by John Lewis via e-mail. Thank you John, even though you didn't identify where you are located or which Lewis family is yours.


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