James "Simeon" Lewis, Jr. of Brunswick County

James Simeon Lewis was born in Brunswick County around 1760. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Marion County, SC, where they remained until after the Revolutionary War. James Simeon Lewis married (wife's name unknown) in Marion County, SC and had two sons by his first wife - James and David. James Simeon and these two sons moved to Robeson County, NC circa 1790. After his first wife died, James Simeon married a second time to Rachel Godwin (daughter of Alexander Godwin of New Hanover County, NC). James Simeon and Rachel moved to Brunswick County, NC circa 1803, where they started their own family and remained until their deaths.

James Simeon Lewis can be found in many court documents of the late 1700s and early 1800s, including land grants, land purchases, serving as a juror on numerous occasions, and he was assigned to work on local roads (all roads at that time were kept up by the locals, with each household having to provide time and effort to maintain them, assignments made by the local constable). He owned considerable tracts of land in Marion County, SC, where several of his cousins lived; he had a fondness of this area and he returned to visit many times.

James Simeon Lewis's will was in probate in 1829, indicating the year of his death. In his will, he left all of his worldly goods to his wife, Rachel. He does not show up in any US Censuses after 1820.

The Descendents of James "Simeon" Lewis and Rachel Godwin

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