John Lewis of Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Walden and Tavener Lewis were known to be brothers and they were known to be from Virginia, most likely from Spotsylvania County. In 1802, Walden, Tavener, and a third brother (name as yet unknown) moved their families down the Valley Pike (now US 11) to Kingsport, TN and then down the Holston/Tennessee River to Ft. Southwest Point, TN.

From Settlers and Intruders on Cherokee Indian Lands 1801-1816:

"Tabner (sic) Lewis with his wife & one child having one horse his won property have permission to pass through that part of the Cherokee Nation intervening between this post and Jackson County in Georgia....5 July 1802."

"Hugh Beaty having obtained license to trade in the Cherokee Nation & his object being to purchase cattle he is hereby permitted to take Walden Lewis & George Burns to assist him in driving his stock....5 July 1802."

"Henry Kerr & his wife, Walden Lewis & his wife, John Jones & John Lee have permission to pass thro that part of the Cherokee Nation between this place & Jackson County in the state of Georgia...9 Octo 1802 N.B. The above persons have with them 4 horses."

Thanks to Charles E. Lewis of Davenport, IA for providing the above information in April 2004, as well as identifying John Lewis of Spotsylvania County, VA as the most likely father of Walden and Tavener. As more information unfolds, it will be added herein, if possible.

The Author had previously incorrectly identified Tavener Lewis as the son of William Lewis IV from "my neck of the woods," and also incorrectly identified the descendents of Walden Lewis as the children of David Lewis from "my neck of the woods." I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused to the descendents of Walden and Tavener Lewis.

Special thanks go to Paul Sims who provided the following link in April of 2012. Click Here for more information.


Date Born

Date Died

Date Married

Who Married
William Lewis 




Willis Lewis




Walden Lewis





Mary "Polly" Moseley

Mary ?
Tavener Lewis




Cynthia Moseley
John Lewis




Caroline Matilda Tankersley
Stephen Lewis



Milley Watkins
* Born in Virginia (most likely Spotsylvania County).

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