Companies Formed in Brunswick County During the Civil War
Note: The Author intends to provide complete Company Rosters (not just Lewises) for all Brunswick County Troops in the Civil War. The files that are available below are rather large, so it might take a while for them to appear on your screen. Once open, you may want to print them or download them to your hard drive for future reference.

 Date Formed

Company, Name, NC Regiment/Battalion Assigned

 April, 1861
Ellis's Company. Later became Co. B of 9th Battalion in December 1863. 

 June 18, 1861
Brunswick Guards join the 20th NC Regiment.

October 7, 1861
Co. C joins the 30th NC Regiment.

May 14, 1862
3rd Co. G joins the 36th NC Regiment (2nd Artillery)

May 14, 1862
Co. K joins the 36th NC Regiment (2nd Artillery)

December 1, 1863
Moseley's Company separates from 36th NC Regiment (2nd Artillery) and remains an independent company till the end.

December 1, 1863
Co. B joins the 9th Battalion of NC troops.

December 1, 1863
Col D joins the 9th Battalion of NC troops.

April 22, 1864
Co. C of 78th NC Regiment formed.

 June, 1864
Co. D of 72nd NC Regiment formed.

July, 1864
Co. H of 76th NC Regiment formed.

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